Choosing a quality pre-educational center is often the first investment parents make in their children’s education. With that in mind, we opened up West Valley Montessori in Winnetka, CA to give you the maximum opportunity to select the best school for your child.

Through the Montessori method of teaching we give them the kind of experience and knowledge most appropriate for their stage of development concerned with preserving the dignity of the child.

Our classrooms are equipped with didactic materials created by Dr. Maria Montessori to help children develop their senses and learn concepts. Also our staff consists of teachers who have sound academic background with credentials and are capable of nurturing the children with love and care.

Since West Valley Montessori has excelled academically it maintains high standards of education. Our 3-year-old childrenĀ are capable of reading well under the guidance of encouraging teachers.

We serve breakfast, hot lunches, and healthy snacks. The choices of food are nutritious, wholesome, and a healthy addition to your child’s diet.